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Learn skills that you don't learn at school and try a variety of professions in one place. We give a better understanding of your strengths and help to make the right choice of college or university.
Technopolis is an online city where teenagers learn skills in a form of a game
Every person in Technopolis has their own character with a set of skills that can be developed and upgraded. This character can discover different districts of the city (learning areas), streets (courses), and even have their own home address (own page with achievements).
Districts of Technopolis
The city of Technopolis is divided into different districts - learning areas. Each learning area contains a variety of courses, which are connected to each other like streets in the city.
IT & Coding
3D modeling
Create AI chat bot
No code website/mobile app
Create your own game
Soft Skills
Presentation that convience
Pitch your idea
Critical thinking
Money & Business
First business: from idea to realization
Managing personal finances
My first investment
Modern Media
Generating content
Creating personal brand
Social media marketing
Art & Science
Creative thinking
Big data of art market
Design your home-space
Future of Technology
AI related professions
VR in our everyday life
Alternative energy
Computer vision
DJing on your laptop
Write your first song
Social Studies
Zero discrimination life
Social inequalities
How to deal with bullying
Gender equality and women rights
Keep our planet clean
Charity and volunteering
Individual learning path to reveal students best potential
Since it is confusing for a student to choose the right course of education, we developed an AI individual learning path that allows them to explore various skills and gives them an opportunity to find what they are passionate about.

Here is one example of many other pathways:
Money and Business
For example, the student has an idea of selling customized printed shirts. Our system suggests taking the course entitled "First business: from idea to realization", where the student is taught how to transform the idea into a structured business plan.
Soft Skills
The next step is to raise starting capital. The system suggests various courses on "Soft Skills" that teaches the student how to present their idea in a manner that will excite potential investors.
IT & Coding
Now the student needs a website for his product so the next coursed teaches how to builds a website without coding,
Modern Media
In order to get the website and product out there, the student needs to learn the basics of Social Media Marketing and creating content.
"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."—Maimonides

Step 1 - Leaning from the best
All of our curriculums are created by experts in each industry. Imagine a design course created by Adobe, a financial course by MasterCard, or a branding course by Nike.

Step 2 - Site visits
Upon completion of each course, the students will have an opportunity to visit (virtually or in-person) the participating organization or business. For example, after the student completes the Modern Media course he or she can visit the YouTube office or after finishing the Curation course the student can go to MoMA and talk to the operation office and curators.
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special progrAms for
Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Students
Together with a team of experts, we are building curriculums for visually impaired, deaf, and hard-of-hearing students. These courses are free of charge and aim to give those students an opportunity to learn and strive like their peers.
Our big mission
We believe that every child is unique and has unlimited potential. Today's educational system underestimates their natural talents and limits the freedom of creative thinking. That is why we created Technopolis. Our goal is to contribute towards creating a new kind of society through the influence and stimulating of young minds. We want the next generation of adults to be self-aware, open-minded, and innovative in order to create a better world for themselves and those generations to come.
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  • Money
  • Coding
  • Art
  • Music
  • Blogging
  • Design
  • Soft skills
  • Educational principles
  • Case studies
  • How to choose learning object
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