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Technopolis is the supplement learning platform where children and teenagers 7-17 years old learn skills that they don't learn at school. We create individual learning path for each student to make sure they reveal their best potential.
Your child is unique. We know it for sure.
Our big mission
In Technopolis we believe that every child is great and unique. Today's educational system underestimates their natural talents and limits the freedom of creative thinking. That's why we decided to build the platform that will provide best-in-class supplemental learning courses and reveals every child's potential by creating an AI individual learning path for each student.
Technopolis is an online city where children learn soft and hard skills in a form of a game
Every child in Technopolis has his own character with a set of skills that he can develop and upgrade. This character can discover different districts of the city (learning areas), streets (courses) and even have their own home address (own page with achievements).
Districts of Technopolis
The city of Technopolis is divided into different districts - learning areas. Each learning area contain variety of courses, which are connected to each other like streets in the city.
Soft skills
Pitching your idea
Critical thinking
IT & Coding
3D modeling
Web development
Game development
Modern Media
Creating personal brand
Social media marketing
Art & Science
Creative thinking
Money & Business
First business: from idea to realization
Managing personal finances
Learning to invest
Educational core principles
Our approach is based on fundamental researches of famous educational scientists: Benjamin Bloom and Edgar Dale.
Mastery learning + Individual tutoring
These two educational approaches combined together bring the best results of students in class.
AI-based individual learning path
Our platform uses machine learning to know how students are performing on different learning objects. The more they learn, the more precise learning path our platform is building for them.
The cult of mistakes
We challenge students to make mistakes and see every obstacle as opportunity to grow.
Learn from the leaders of the industries
All our curriculums are created by the known leaders of the industries to provide the most relevant knowledge and inspire students with the true stories of successes and fails.
Simple plans with no hidden costs
Choose what's best for you and your child:
self-education or learning with tutor.
Price per 1 month
  • Full access to the Technopolis
  • Skills development with progress tracking
  • New courses every month
  • Masterclasses of famous persons
  • Your own character and skill tree
  • Technical support
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We transform kids from consumers of content to creators.
About us
We know that Technopolis is good for your children because we build it for ours.
Anthony Yezub
Co-founder and CEO
Anthony founded extracurricular offline schools Technopolis back in 2018 for his daughter Maya. He realized that today's educational system is old and irrelevant and that it doesn't teach kids valuable skills that really matter in our life. Since then, the pandemic has come and he moved all the schools to online learning. That was the start of the Technopolis educational platform. He has a Master's degree in Computer Science and he is a father of two.
Avital Bankhalter-Zhitomirskaya
Co-founder and COO
Avital is a graduate of the University of the Art London and has diverse experience working in many different areas from curating and selling contemporary art to building conceptual restaurants.
As a mother of two babies and stepmother of seven children of different ages, she was always passionate about finding alternative ways of educating children.
Joining Antony in building Technopolis is her way of contributing towards creating a new kind of society through influencing and directing young minds.

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